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A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of touring and photographing a beautiful new bridal salon called Privée Bride Of Ghent, located in Palace Station (Norfolk, VA).  Privée is owned and operated by Reamie Tabin:


She created such a lovely show room; we really appreciated the open floor plan, luxe touches and upscale merchandising. If you are a bride or planner, definitely make an appointment. Not only is it a gorgeous space, Reamie and her sales manager are such nice people to spend time with as well.  They have a few trunk shows coming as well, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with future events!

Keep scrolling for more photos:

Flower arrangement by Michelle Samson of Taffy

Flower arrangement by Michelle Samson of Taffy

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Photos by Mendell dela Cruz and Ciesther dela Cruz of DCPG

Cotton flower arrangement by Michelle Samson of Taffy

Privée Bride Of Ghent
350 W 22nd St Suite 112 & 113
Norfolk, Virginia 23517
Phone (757) 337-2087
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