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I knew I liked Nicolette from her first cheery, upbeat e-mail, but even more so when I spoke to her on the phone and chatted with her excitedly about how, even though she was initially wary of spending extra money on a tiny wedding, she was really happy and relieved knowing she would have beautiful photos to show the family that wasn’t able to be there. When she burst into my office the day before her wedding, in sweatpants and those crazy pedicure flipflops talking animatedly and dropping f-bombs everywhere (I do love when people are instantly that comfortable with me!) I knew right then her elopement would be fun and full of laughter.

Since their elopement was a true one, consisting only of her and her fiance Wesley, they opted for our 2 hour rate. We had some time before the ceremony, so we met them in front of the restaurant where they were planning on having their wedding dinner, Circa 1819. We shot a few photos outside on the quaint street, then the staff at Circa 1819 was kind enough to let us set up inside so we could all warm up and shoot a few documentary style shots.

IMG_1356 walkingkissing IMG_1389 IMG_2569 IMG_1410-Edit

We headed over to the lions outside of the Mariner’s Museum for the ceremony, but the officiant was running a bit late so we squeezed in a few more portraits. There was also a jogger couple occupying the waterfront area they intended to the ceremony on, so we gave them some time to see if they would leave (Nico & Wesley ended up having to gently usher them out, but the jogger couple was super nice about it) and photographed them with some Mr & Mrs. props they purchased.


Susan Turner was their officiant and not only was she a super sweet lady who let us set up their position however we wanted; she also had the greatest Christmas cat sweater on, ever.  The ceremony was performed on a slab of concrete that jutted into the water, so their backdrop was beautifully simple; just the water of Lake Maury and the softly setting sun. We opted against lighting the ceremony; the concrete wasn’t huge and since both Mendell and I were shooting, I had this fear of tripping over each other and/or lightstands and falling into the water.

IMG_1446 IMG_2597-Edit ceremony End IMG_1468 IMG_1461 IMG_2643 Kiss1 IMG_2671 kiss2 IMG_2690 IMG_2706-Edit


Nico and Wesley were such a sweet couple and were such troupers because it was FREEEEZING cold out the entire time we were photographing! Even though it was a last minute job and we had to drive straight to Washington, D.C. right after, I am so happy we were able to photograph their fun little wedding. I really, really love elopements!

To see more photos, check out their full wedding set here.

Vendors + Details

Photographers | Ciesther + Mendell dela Cruz of DCPG

Officiant | Susan Turner

Hair | Yudy of RicaSha Salon, Yorktown

Venue | near the lions at the Mariner’s Museum, Newport News

Dress | H&M (on sale for $13, she says!)

Shoes | NineWest

Make-up and Flowers | Friends and family :)



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